Hinitan Plantation

After working together since April 2020 the Hinitan Plantation and I worked together to create a new product line created by using their own beans.

About the bean: This coffee bean is a Barako Liberica coffee bean that was grown by the Hinitan Coffee Plantation. The bean is a beautiful and rare bean that is larger in size than the average coffee bean which makes not just a great cup of coffee but jewellery too. The Hinitan Plantation is set on the steep banks of Taal Lake, Luzon, Philippines, with spectacular views across the lake towards Taal Volcano. The rich volcanic soil is ideal to produce their high-quality Barako Liberica coffee, Cocoa and Vanilla. They are home to an 11 hector estate of agricultural and preserved jungle environments, protecting the families of long-tailed macaque monkey who live on the farm. With the bean being a larger bean it was perfect to create new products such as the cuff links and tie clip and even a great pendant larger than my original.

If you would like to learn more about the plantation and their great coffee follow the links: