All about me

Hi My name is Liam Berge, I've always enjoyed making things with my hands and learning new things so this has been a perfect way to spend my time. In 2017 Handmade by Liam Berge was launched after taking a leatherworking class with Hamish Lamley which started my goal of having my own handmade buisness. Since the incarnation of the buisness I became vegan and my buisness had to find a new way, so after some searching (I took a blacksmithing course, bought a sewing machine and even tried vegan leathers) I took a silversmithing course with Lisa Arnott of Silver Hub Studios in January 2020 and since then I've loved working with silver. With my new craft I mixed another love of mine, coffee and it has grown into Coffee Bean Culture where I now make coffee bean jewellery.